Views on Midcap Stocks

The mayhem in the market is continued. Midcap stocks have witnessed correction up to 50 percent. Though, market as a whole has not corrected much, midcaps and smallcaps have been ruthlessly butchered.

Dilip buildcon, a leader in road constructrion, has seen massive correction. Though,company has posted steller quarter. Unconfirmed rumours about auditors resigning and other issues went heavily on it.

There is, however, no difference in the fundamentals of the company. It’s a good opportunity to buy the company at this price.

Prakash Industry is not a great company, but its also at attractive price. International steel prices are still high and it will give a good return in 1 year.

Vakrangee, i accept my mistake, fell like a pack of cards. I promise to stay away from such stocks in future.

I added some stocks of Edelweiss at 299 and sure that its a high quality management. Also added Jindal Saw, Future Consumer Limited, TCS, Indusind Bank and Jindal Steel and Power.

Overall, I lost big money as DBL was 33% of my portfolio. I reziged my portfolio and reduced the weight of infrastructure,added some largecaps, consumer stocks.


4 thoughts on “Views on Midcap Stocks

  1. Which are all the large cap consumer stocks that you’re looking at?
    Then, in the case of Dilip buildcon, can we investors be sure that there are no issues? Even with Manpasand or Vakrangee, everything was good till it questions were raised about management quality.


    1. Dilip Buildcon had no issue. But auditors of Manpasand and Vakrangee had resigned. Coming time will have no certainty. It may be politically unstable if Modi does not return.


      1. True, nobody can predict future. I feel I’ll wait for at least MP elections for a reentry. BTW,can you elaborate on possible large cap bets?


      2. I have realized that it is always beneficial to stick with leaders and consumption stock. My sense tells that Future consumer is going to be really big in 3-4 years. I’m also betting on Vmart and D Mart and also Bajaj Finance.


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