Both Ashish Kacholia and Dolly Khanna are Bullish on This Stock

Ashish Kacholia and Dolly Khanna are ace investors  and they are known for his stock ace-picking. Their portfolio has delivered huge return in the last one year. However, one chemical stock features in the portfolio of both of these investors and it has also brough mega gains for them.

Interesting thing is that Ashish Kacholia has been consistently increasing its weightage in the portfolio. He has started with 2.82% holding in March 2017 to 4.04% in March 2018.

We are talking about NOCIL. It is the most significant investment of Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio and comprises a significant weight of 13%. It has delivered 62.5% return in the last year.

Even Dolly Khanna is quite bullish on the stock and it consists 7.8% of the total portfolio. Nocil is a leader in the speciality  rubber chemical space and maintains strong margins despite rise in the price of petroleum products.

Mutual funds are constantly increasing the stock holding on the monthly basis.

January 2018–53 lakh

February 2018–59 lakh

March 2018–68 lakh

April 2018–69.26 lakh

No mutual fund has sold it in the last four quarters and BNP Paribas has added in its scheme recently.



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